Wednesday, 23 January 2013

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Spur of the Moment

    Date: Jan 07, 2013   Model: Ivy
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    You know sometimes those spontaneous moments of passion are the best! 

I remember one time Brig and I were cooking dinner like this and we uh, well you know,,,, 

So imagine it happening to you. And watch Ivy and Sebastian demonstrate. 



Yoga Master & Student

  • Date: Jan 18, 2013
  • Model(s): Mira
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A yoga master and his student (stunning, flexible, gymnast Mira). Two passionate dancers united by lust and energy. 

After a long class the teacher wants to have a little time for his own practice. Unfortunately, or fortunately for him one of his students has developed a crush on him and followed him out to his private place. 

When they are alone at the pool, she starts moving in for a kiss. She flirts and teases until he can no longer resist her young, lithe body. He gets on his knees and buries his head in her perfect pussy, she moans with ecstasy. When she is wet and ready, he climbs on top. 

The Spanish Garden

  • Date: Jul 15, 2011
  • Model(s): Caprice Sunshine
  • HD Video up to 1920x1080p

    Super-hot Caprice and Sunshine meet in a Spanish Garden, get undressed and explore each other’s bodies with eager fingers and tender tongues! Blond goddess Sunshine makes the first move, enticing Caprice to come closer. Once their lips meet, there’s no stopping them. Sunshine rolls her tongue around Caprice’s pussy until waves of pleasure cum over her.


    Lovers Quarrel

        Date: Nov 13, 2012   Model(s): Ivy
        HD Video up to 1920x1080p

    Many couples have had them, you know those fights (sometimes brought on by a night of drinking and unfounded jealously). 

    But what I'm wondering is how many of you have had the awesome, hot make-up sex that comes after?? 

    Well here you can watch the drama and passion play out: as Ivy and her real guy exercise their acting chops and their hot bodies for your enjoyment. 

    She takes him in her mouth and he he pushes himself inside her with such passion.